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Foofie Favours

Mabel and I started making the favours last night. They're insanely simple. I can't believe I thought about paying someone to make them all for me. I couldn't come up with anything brilliant, so I just decided to do Plan B. Just a small clear plastic chalice with pink/white candied almonds and pink/white tulle.

I don't have the taggie-thingies yet, but we left the ribbons uncurled so that we can put the taggie on it, tie it again, then curl it.

The candied almonds are really hard though. Grandparents and other Dentally Challenged folk are not going to be able to chew them apart. =( I'm going make a bunch with pink/white marshmallows instead of the almonds for the Grandparents. I thought about the marshmallow strawberries from Sweet Factory that Will always gets, but the problem with that is that the red food colouring comes off onto your tongue, lips and teeth.

As funny as that would be, it wouldn't be very nice. =}

I'll find something.


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