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I'm usually not this openly materialistic, but I thought, What am I? A freaking nun? So, allow me this one indulgence =D

A while back, Husband Guy went to test drive the TSX. There was a promotion thing where they would offer you a bunch of keys, you pick one and if it opened the door of the showroom model, you win a $200 gift certificate. He picked the right key and got a Future Shop gift card.

We finally remembered to bring the card yesterday and went to claim some loot. The Sweetie that he is, he let me have $100 of it to buy what I want. It turns out, I DO enjoy buying things, but only if it's with someone else's money *evil cackle* >=}

I got my coveted Ben Heppner: My Secret Heart album. I've wanted this CD ever since his solo comeback recital in April 2002 when he sang "The Roses of Picardy" as an encore.

I also got the Hello Kitty Diamond DVD Collection. Ho. Ly. CRAP. Ho. Ly. CRAP. Ho. Ly. CRAP. Do you know how incredibly RARE it is to find Hello Kitty stuff like this?!?!?! The Official North American Release. On DVD. Okay, maybe I just don't pay attention or I don't look in the right places. But I picked it up from the shelf and was SO NOT putting it down. I was going to hang on to it until I was positive that I didn't want it or couldn't have it. =)

Husband Guy said I was going to think it's lame (it's for 2-5 year olds). I watched the first one, Hello Kitty Becomes A Princess: "Cinderkitty", "Kitty Locks and the Three Bears", "Sleeping Kitty", "Kitty and the Beast", "Snow White Kitty and the One Dwarf". It wasn't too bad. They were really cute adaptations of the original stories. I'm definitely happy with it.

He hasn't picked out anything with his $100 yet. =}

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