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Tim Bray: How To Use Mac OS X

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Okay, I usually don't like to just post URLs in my journal*, but I have to make this one exception. I follow </a></b></a>'s ongoing blog. Even when his geekery goes over my head, I like the way he speaks and writes.

The entry from late last night is "How To Use OS X", which consists of "install this one thing, dump all these things, do things like this and it will go much faster". I had a deep appreciation for this post. I'm no longer a Mac Girl at work, but if I ever have to or decide to go Mac personally, I'd consider starting by setting it up just like that and tweak it for me. It's also inspired some re-thinking a few things on my PC as well.

I'm kinda sad that I didn't meet him when I had the chance. Our offices used to be in the same building. I certainly did run into him in the corridor, met eyes and exchanged a "good morning" a number of times. I didn't quite know who he was. I'd only realized who he was when I attended his Keynote at the SVG Open... which is almost unacceptable, when you think about the relationship between his Antarctica Systems and the company I work for.

My lame excuses include: I'm quite new to XML; I haven't really had any projects involving XML; I'd have nothing intelligent to say; I'd sound like a moron.

But now, Antarctica has moved away. Ah well.

* — First of all, it's called Bookmarks, yeah? Secondly, just posting URLs with no other explanation can invite strong opinions opposite from yours. This isn't a problem, in and of itself. The problem is when others think you hold the same opinion and they just let loose with their commentary, sometimes getting quite abrasive and/or rude about it.


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