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Oh Hell... More Car Crap

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Last night, as I was going to pick up </a></b></a> from work, some guy in a black VW Golf backed into me. I should have clued in when his driver's license wasn't purple like mine, he didn't even want any of my info at first, not even my license plate and now that I think about it, he was being a bit evasive about the rest of his info. He kept telling me things like, "they can look it all up, you don't have to write everything down...", etc.

I'm such an idiot. I haven't been in an accident in so long and my heart was bleeding about my car that I panicked and didn't get his license plate. I got his driver's license number and a voice mail number from him (at least it is him; the ICBC Lady tried calling the number as well) and I've left voice mail for him to call me. He didn't call me back last night, so I went ahead and reported the accident. If his car isn't insured in BC (ie. if it isn't a local rental car or if he drove in from somewhere else), this could get really hairy.

I was even supposed to get his address off of his driver's license, his car's year, make, model, colour, number of doors and VIN number, his insurance company and his policy number. GAAAH... >={

At one point, he said to me, "You gotta husband?" in a really strange tone of voice. By that time, </a></b></a> had come down to meet me, so I muttered something like, "Yeah, that's my husband." I have a feeling like I'm supposed to be offended or something, but I just don't have the energy or inclination to interpret the "strange tone". He must have been staring at my fingers the whole time. *pfffft* >={

Ah, whatever. I can't be letting that get to me right now. I'm more peeved that

  1. We've only had the car for a little over a month; it's just broken in, just passed 1000 km not too long ago; it's a 2004 model and we're still in 2003; AND IT'S BEEN FUCKED UP TWICE ALREADY.

  2. I have to take it in for assessment on Monday. One appointment at one end of town for the rear scrape hit & run two weeks ago (parking lot smish; nothing we could do about it). The second appointment at the other end of town for last night's thing.

  3. One of the guys at my client's site is going to be in Vancouver on Monday on some personal business and wants to come in to our office for a visit. It's just a social visit, but he's one of the ones I interact with, so it would be good for me to see him face to face.

  4. Even without the car crap, I was hoping to get more stuff done for work. I really didn't need the distraction and stress of having a client visiting, but I can always make up the time somehow. I'm running behind on the Test Specification and that's blocking the task of writing the automation scripts. The longer we have no automation, the longer we have to do manual Lobotomized Monkey Testing which sucks.

And I've been a rotten friend to </a></b></a>pj, who is also in need of hugs and wanted to talk. I swear, he asks me just as I'm leaving or heading offline. But from his point of view, I must look like a flake.

[Update - Sunday, October 05, 2003 - 0945h]

Yeah, so I've decided to put in a near full-day at work so I might not feel so behind. I have to leave at noon to get to my first assessment appointment. I hope Client Guy comes over in the morning so I get to see him... if not, then I guess they can show him my desk (I have pictures at my desk =P) and that will have to suffice. Oh pooey, that means I'll have to clean up my desk... *YYAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH*... >K{

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