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Re: Accident

I got the two damage assessments done today. Both of the damage estimates were just a tiny bit over the deductible. *sigh*

The happiest thing that happened all day was I had a cute Estimator Boy call me Mrs. Lin, unprompted.

Ha, I say "boy", but he's at least my age. =) He walks into the waiting area, looks around, furrows his brow, looks down at the file, looks around again. I was the only person sitting in the waiting room... Hi, my name is (what?); My name is (who?); My name is (ticka-ticka) CHOPPED LIVER.

Finally, he looks at me and ventures, "Are you Mrs. Lin? Oh, you are... come with me please."

I mentioned to him that he's the very first person to address me as Mrs. Lin. He laughs and says, "You must be newly married, you look awfully young to be a Mrs." It's been over two years and the only time I've been called that was at my niece's wedding for the family introductions, two months after my wedding.

Re: Parking

Since I had to run around with the car today, I had </a></b></a> call the Property Manager about our parking spot. The property owners want to develop that lot within a year, so we need to find somewhere else to go. I'm thinking, CRAP. The last time I checked, all the parking lots in the vicinity of work had waiting lists a year long. We were super lucky to find one that close to both of us. Crap, crap, crap.

But then I realized that maybe with the economic downturn and so many companies in the area going under, parking might not be so bad afterall. I found an Impark lot fairly close by and they had monthly passes available. I had the Impark Lady fax me the application forms.

We're supposed to drive out there to see the lot before we decide.

[Update - October 7, 2003]

Re: Accident

I gave my statement. The other guy's car is insured in Ontario. He has to contact his insurance company, give his statement and they determine fault. Because this has to go cross-province, it's going to take ten times as long to get everything done.

Re: Parking

I walked around all morning and took down the phone numbers for the property management companies for the buildings in the same area.

There's the Impark Lot. We drove out there last night. It's underneath the condos right by the water. It looks like a private lot, nothing like an Impark public lot at all. It's in an okay neighbourhood, but it's still a long ways to walk at night by myself.

There's a Glass Elevator That Goes Nowhere closer to my office that turns out to lead to a public parking lot. They have a waiting list an eon long. I put my name on the waiting list for a random or reserved spot whatever comes up first.

There's another one on the other side of the street from the Glass Elevator lot, but there's a lot of break-ins so I don't quite want to go there.

There are apartment complexes in the area that I called just on the off chance that they rent out spaces to non-residents. Most of them didn't, but the ones that did had waiting lists.

There WAS one kitty corner to work(!). They had spaces available. They want $142.50/month, but it's secure, underground and 24 hour accessible. I took it and we start parking there, November 01, 2003. The stalls are fairly small, but ours is next to a pillar, so there's a little more room. It's also the second spot from the stairway, which I really like. YAY! =)

[Update - November 04, 2003]

Re: Accident

I was so worried about the situation. The Other Guy had yet to give his statement to his insurance company in Ontario. If he admits to backing up, then it's his fault and we'll be fine. If he doesn't admit to backing up, then it's my lane change. I'd have to prove he was backing up. And there were no witnesses.

I started getting sick to my stomach just thinking about that. I hoped he'd be honest about it.

I called Carol (our claim rep.) to get a status update. She told me that the other guy had reported to his insurance company, but she still has to get in touch with the rep from the other insurance company and get the statements to determine liability. We still don't know what he said.

Finally, I heard back from her. The other insurance company had taken liability. He admitted to backing up. *WHEW* Because the other insurance company is out of province, we have to pay the $300 deductible first, then ICBC will reimburse us. That's fine, I'm just glad it all worked out.

[Update - December 02, 2003]

Re: Accident

We finally made the appointment to take the Car Girl in to get fixed. Hee, she's not busted up no more =) Benny completely repainted both bumpers. I thought the colour looked off, but it could be the different angles reflecting the light differently. We'll have to go into an Acura dealership and try to see a silver TSX in the showroom again for comparison.

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