The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

"How Do I Learn Chinese?" And Other Stupid Questions

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[18:45] userinfosilly_goose: I need to learn cantonese so I can move to china and join the space program. :)
[18:45] bride: um, okay =)
[18:45] userinfosilly_goose: i've just decided that right now
[18:45] bride: no one would understand you
[18:45] userinfosilly_goose: I know.
[18:46] bride: they all speak Mandarin
[18:46] userinfosilly_goose: shuddap
[18:46] userinfosilly_goose: :P

[18:48] userinfosilly_goose: what's the best way to learn chinese?
[18:49] bride: be born a Chinese boy to Chinese parents, grow up in China and speak Chinese all your life.
[18:49] bride: you didn't ask me what was the best feasible way for you to learn... =D

Tags: chinese, funny, linguaphile

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