The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

The Gift Etiquette Message

First of all, The Bride and Groom would be infinitely happy enough that you can be at their wedding. They are going to live with The Groom's family after the wedding, so they don't need anything. Please don't feel that you need to get them a gift.

That said, here are a few options if you insist =)

Chinese tradition is to give a newlywed couple money. Most of the guests are giving them money in red envelopes. It's not considered tacky or impersonal at all. Amounts vary wildly and depend on a lot of things.

Geek toys and uber stuff are always welcome =) I'm managing their online ThinkGeek WishList =) I put it here:

Let me know if you decide to get something from this list so that I can take it out. All prices are in $USD and do not include shipping and handling. If you come across one that says "This product cannot be shipped outside of the USA", please let me know. They purposely didn't pick items that couldn't be shipped here, but ThinkGeek sometimes changes that. Either that or The Bride was too busy wiping the drool off her shorted keyboard to notice...

And, in line with Western tradition, she's registered at The Bay. You can look at her registry online. I have instructions at the link above.

Or go to any one of the store locations. Find the Gift Registry machine. Key in ... (or as many letters as it asks for. I think it's the first 4 letters of the last name with the first 2 letters of the first name, but I can't be sure). Print out their list. Then you find an item that hasn't been bought yet, that is within your budget, etc.

You have to tell the Bay cashier when you go to pay for it, that it's for The Bride and Groom. They have to manually enter it into their databases.

They don't have a lot of stuff on their list (even picking THOSE out were like pulling teeth *sigh*). If there's nothing in those lists that you would like to get, please feel free to get them something else if you know there's something else they could use or want. If they can't pick out their own gifts, they deserve to get 7 toasters and 6 fondue sets. =)

BTW, if you see something that's HORRENDOUSLY big and expensive in their Bay registry (like a refrigerator or a piano), they didn't mean it to actually be bought by anyone. The Bay has a special deal for Wedding Gift Registries where if the item isn't bought by the wedding date, the couple has the option of purchasing it within X months after the wedding date for some discount. Or something like that. I forget what the terms are exactly, but the problem is, these items must be in their registry, so they'll show up to anyone who looks at it. If it looks inappropriate to you, it was meant to be ignored.


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