The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Out of my way, I just swallowed a grumpy pill.

weather: raining
outside: 15°C
mood: jaded/cynical
I'm violating personal policy here and I'm planning for the weekend. *hoof*... I haven't done that much Linear Optimization for a weekend in a while. Huh, I'm spending most of my weekend in one mall or another.

Speaking of malls, some time ago, I heard about a "Guy's Daycare" where your guy can go while you shop. It's based on the setup for children, there are video games and things to keep the dudes occupied. I find the cranium density of some humans just boggling. It's called EB and the Food Court.

Anyway, there's just a lot of stuff I just have to accomplish this weekend because there are only two more weekends in October before Work throws me a huge ass deadline on the 31st. But then, I take a week off for holidays in the first week of November.

*          *          *

I get extra money starting this pay period, which is half a happy thing. It was a whole happy thing, up until I realized that it was really entirely my money to begin with. I've finally contributed up to the maximum allowable for all the deduction things. Like the "GOVT PEN", wherein I give my Government $50 every month as long as I still have a brain wave pattern and when I turn 65, they give me a pen.

Yes, yes, I know it's my stupid pension plan. But the way the legislation is heading, I'll be lucky to get a writing stick of any kind from them. And that's only if they haven't pushed out the Retirement Age to 100 by then.

Nonetheless, they upped the maximum contribution this year... <bitterness>at least for ME because, y'know, they have to support the Welfare Scammers somehow</bitterness>. So, instead of hitting the cap back in mid-July like I used to, I've been contributing up until the end of September.

*          *          *

I still haven't figured out why my bank balance keeps creeping upwards. I'm not double-counting credit card charges. If I were, I think the difference would be much more pronounced. I thought it might be an annual expense that I did the monthly calculation for and my account balance would creep upwards over the year until I paid it. But that thing has been paid and my balance is still higher than I expect.

Yeah, here's me having the opposite problem as everyone else again. Everyone else is trying to figure out why their bank balances are lower than they expect and I have too much money. Not that that's an issue in and of itself. It just makes me think that there's something I've totally forgotten about and, now, don't have enough to cover.

Tags: financial, rants

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