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I don't want anyone to know this until the wedding, except family and the wedding party.

I bought a crystal and pearl Swarovski tiara.

I had been wanting a tiara for a long time and I was looking at pictures online every evening for the last week, but I never thought I could afford one. Of course, my impression of real tiaras are of British Royal Family diamond ones that are priceless because there's only ONE in existence and made specifically for that Royal Family member. I had resigned to the fact that I'd just look, but I probably won't have one.

Mabel and I went to Pacific Centre Mall together in search of necklaces for her and Bowen. I thought I would just look at tiaras, but I usually never see anything I like at big name department stores... especially jewellery.

It's weird, it was kinda like finding my dress. It's almost as if _it_ found me. I saw it in a display case, not displayed very prominently and haphazardly strewn. But, when I bent down to see it, I thought it looked neat. I asked Maria, the sales lady, if I could look at it. It glommed onto me from the moment I started holding it.

Maria was very pleasant. I guess I shouldn't prejudge, but I had this image of Eaton's sales reps to be Brown-Nose-to-the-Blue-Blooded (infinitely nice/helpful to rich and glam people, but snotty and rude to anyone who doesn't look rich and glam).

I ended up signing up for an Eaton's membership and got a 10% discount on it. So, it's almost like I got it tax free. It came to $543 altogether. I had planned to spend over $1000 on my wedding gown, and that turned out to be only $500, this can be justified as "the other half of my wedding gown". =)

I guess I was a little disappointed that we saw the same one at that new Swarovski store at Oakridge. But after a moment, it was like, "Who the hell am I kidding? There's no way I would have gotten away with the price that I got if there were only one in existence." Probably everyone and their poodle has one.


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