The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Update... To Do... Etc.

*sigh* Took a break for a bit. We're 2 months away now and we have to haul ass.

  • favour tags - I have to get my butt over to Wedding World again with the little sample layout that I printed up. It's 3 lines - our Chinese names; our English names; the wedding date. I don't have a nice Chinese font, so I'm going to ask for our Chinese names in one of their fonts.

  • marshmallows - we have pink and white Jordan Almonds in our favours. They're hard-shelled candies though, so the grandparents can't have them because of dentures. I want to make a small batch of them with pink and white marshmallows for the Dentally Challenged.

  • disposable cameras - we need 30 disposable, 24 exposure Kodak (or Fuji, whatever) cameras from Costco. I would only bother with the ones that are "especially for weddings" if they cost less. They're the same product with flowery labels. I could care less about the flowery label.

  • order the cake - *sigh* Calabria, it is. *double sigh* The European cake won the vote.

  • get the marriage license - they're valid for 3 months, so it's about time now. The Ministry of Health & Vital Statistics is a 10 minute walk from my office, so I'll just hike on over whenever. [2:30pm - DONE]

  • photo permit - ha! Just talked to someone at the City of Vancouver Parks and Recreation Board. She said the permits were only for indoor facilities at the place we wanted. Yay! =)

  • invitations - keep up on invitation handing-out progress. The family ones are being handed out in dribs and drabs. We can't do a mass mailing because we have to deliver them personally where possible. This might be a nice touch, but it means the process takes a lot longer because each guest has to be paid a short visit.

  • speeches and other pre-arranged things - get together with Dad to iron that out.

  • Guest Book - Dad is looking for a nice book to calligraphize.

  • banquet menu - replace abalone with sea cucumber... Grandma likes sea cucumber better

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