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I've been getting more fresh fruit, vegetables and dicking around with interesting ways to trick userinfothe Husband into eating healthier. His family used to own restaurants/eateries and when it's your business to cook for other people for a living, it has to taste good. His family is all about eating what tastes good. I eat to survive and I don't care how things taste.

I've been looking up all the veggies that go into V8 and experimenting with my own blends. I don't care what the label says or doesn't say, V8 has food colouring, MSG and preservatives, at the very least. I didn't really notice until I made my own. The ripest, brightest red, organic tomatoes I've ever gotten, came out pink. Beets add purple to whatever you make. Watercress and spinach will make the whole thing veryveryvery green.

Playing with different amounts of the stuff, you get either a deep purple, forest green, orange-brown, green-brown mixtures. I tried both cooking the vegetables and chucking them all in raw. There's no way in hell V8 can have the shade of red that they do with the vegetables they claim.

I guess it's one of those things where you go, "Yeah, it figures..." or "I should have known...".

Last week, we had some super sweet, ripe, almost dying peaches, so I made a banana-peach smoothie that userinfoHusband Guy really liked. Fruit blend ideas are available from Tropicana. I wrote down a few and lugged home bananas and strawberries today. I should have grabbed some oranges too, but I got distracted by the Gala apples. Oh well.

Today's snack was celery. He'd been whiny about celery before, so I told him we could make Ants on a Log. It's a really simple and neat idea that I read about a long time ago as a snack for kids. You cut up the celery into 3-4" long pieces, then put peanut butter in the trough of it. Then put a few raisins on top of the peanut butter, evenly spaced. *sigh* Most kids are less of a pain in the ass than he is and can just eat the damned celery, I swear.

I show him what to do and I make this.

He says, okay, and makes his own. I turn around and he's made this.

OMG!! >KD That's not Ants on a Log. That's a Whole Fricking Colony Swarming the Log. =D =D

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