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I know less than I'd like to about the world outside my personal life. I'm not completely oblivious to things around me. I can be incredibly observant when I want to or have to be. I don't have a poor memory. It's decent most of the time and damned near photographic sometimes. If I've ever known your name, it's not likely that I'd forget it. I'm not stupid. No one is an employed Software Engineer on a full tank of stupid these days.

I listen to the morning news summaries on CBC Radio-2. I read front page stuff of two or three papers when I'm puttering around the company kitchen. I glance over Google News for things that jump out at me. Sometimes I read further and follow a few different links on the topic if I have time.

I watch the Kennedy Space Center mission and launch schedules fairly closely. I want to read mission specs straight. No, NASA's not going to tell you everything; yes, it's just a token publicity site. But, I'm more comfortable piecing things together from the mission specs and talking to the people I trust. I'm confused and ticked that the Endeavour STS-115 mission that was scheduled for this May has disappeared with no other explanation. I completely understand that it had to be rescheduled and I'm sure it will be put back in due time, but I haven't asked about it yet.

If I only read the news in spurts, it's because I don't have the energy to read, coupled with the fact that I'm not sure how much I can trust Journalism. Nine times out of ten, the author of a news article won't be telling you everything. I'm constantly thinking, what about this?, what about that?, that's not how it works..., a person like this would not do something like that. It's exhausting and I don't always want to get into it.

The article will be telling you what the Managing Editor has already decided will be told. The angle and the approach will already be chosen. This Managing Editor may or may not be in touch with reality. How many times have I both heard and experienced, firsthand, how a published article has completely misquoted the source, including myself? Way too many to count.

These people don't care about the truth. If they did, then they wouldn't be allowed to string together individual words from whatever context into a "quote". The next time you see an article that has a quote from someone, know that it may or may not be what the source actually said. It could be made up of individual words in a whole conversation on a completely different topic.

We live in much less of a democracy than we toot our own horns for. Just because they don't tell you that the government controls the news sources, doesn't mean we really live in a free press society.

Regarding world politics, I know enough to be annoyed at the comment: "why can't we all just get along?" I know enough to be able to bring up counter points in discussions. I've derailed peoples' standpoints with a few well placed questions and pointed out logical flaws in certain arguments before. But generally, I feel like I'm struggling to even keep up with what the hell is going on, nevermind trying to form an opinion on anything.

News aside, I also have very little experience with social issues outside of my life.

</a></b></a>pj was talking to me (at me?) about Asian/White couples last night. Apparently, AF/WM marriages outnumber AM/WF 4:1. I had absolutely bupkiss to contribute to the conversation other than "oh really..." and a froggy stare. It was rather embarrassing.

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