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Scary Movie 3

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I can't remember now if we saw Scary Movie 3 on Saturday or Sunday evening. I thought it was hilarious. Yup, that David Zucker/Leslie Nielsen pairing really works =)

The school exterior is the building where I work. It looks really dingy and gross from the outside. Most of Yaletown does. The area used to be all commercial warehouses. But the insides of all the buildings are now usually done in that "restored but rustic" style.

The first time they backed over Cindy's son in the car, they were driving down Homer Street between Davie and Helmcken. The Apple store is at the other end of the block from Work. That tall olive green building just beyond the Apple store's black and white flaggie is where </a></b></a> used to work. I can't remember if you can see the large white numbers "1107" on the side of it.

BTW, I'm working late right now and they're filming just outside my window right now =)

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