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Friday One — Scary Story

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5. Share your favorite scary story...real or legend!

My favorite has to be of the haunted house on the south east corner of King Edward and Cambie Street in Vancouver. We live sort of nearby, but we rarely go in that direction, so we only drive by it occasionally.

It's on a huge lot in a great area just North of Queen Elizabeth Park which is the highest point in Vancouver and probably in one of the most expensive property value areas in Vancouver, if not the Lower Mainland. The current house on the lot was built no more than 10-15 years ago. The property and the house is valued at approximately (CAD)$1.25 million (possibly more).

They've never been able to sell it for more than about $400K and no one lives there for more than 3 months max. The land that it's on, apparently, used to be an ancient Native Indian burial ground and there have been a zillion and one anecdotes about creepy things that happen to people who buy that house, in a full range of severity.

The couple putting their baby in the crib, then hearing the baby scream, rushing into the nursery to find the baby teetering on the edge of the open window sill.

The family that finished moving in, went out for dinner and came home to find all their luggage folded, packed and placed neatly in the foyer, supposedly telling them that "it's time to go".

There are reams and reams more, I'm sure.

The anecdote closest to me is of </a></b></a>'s third Uncle, who used to install and maintain alarm systems. He was asked to install an alarm system in that house. He says that he was washing his hands in one of the washrooms and in the mirror, he saw a woman walking around behind him. She was ignoring him, but she was only in the mirror and there was no one else in the house.

I don't think much of this house. It's never bothered me. I think it is unfortunate that a nice house in a great neighbourhood is plagued with such bad karma. But it's none of my concern. Personally, I'm much more interested in that house about a block west of the haunted house that looks like a little European cottage. =)


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