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Holiday Time Off

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I might be going on holidays sometime next week. Maybe. Possibly. A girl can hope.

I was supposed to take My Birthday Week off, but userinfothe Husband couldn't take this week because of a deadline. It was all good because I had a major Milestone delivery yesterday. Even though I was well within my rights to take the time off that I had booked since Spring, it would have sucked to leave My Crew at crunch time anyway.

But now, Husband Guy's project is going bananas just by virtue of having a deadline. For a while, it looked like he wasn't going to be able to go on holidays this year either. Finally, it looked like the first week of November was a go, then it wavered again and we weren't sure. I told Work that I was taking the first week of November, come hell or high water, even if I had to go Husbandless.

Well, I went to talk to my Kinda-Boss-ish-Like Person today with the third change of plans. I said I wanted to take off for a week starting Wednesday instead. Husband Guy's deadline is Monday now, which means he'll be working through the weekend and he needs to hang around on Monday and Tuesday. Boss laughs and says, "Yeah, he needs to hang around Monday and Tuesday just to find out that he has to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday." =D =D =D

I just sighed and said, "I'll e-mail you from the library and tell you what floor I'm on every day so you can come get me if you need me." We're about a ten minute walk away from the VPL Main Branch (the building that Arnold Schwarzenegger blew up). It's been a running joke that I spend my holidays at the library since last year when I got kicked out of work. =D

We have a new guy starting Monday morning. He's a contractor, he's only going to be with us for a few months. They intentionally had him start the week after the Milestone release. He's supposed to be working with me and taking some of my tasks so that I can... do more stuff. It would have been ideal for me to be there on his first week to train him, get him set up and started with my tasks. So, this works out well too; I'll be in the office Monday and Tuesday to help get him started.

But a while back, I thought I wouldn't be around when he started, so I had to do a massive brain dump of everything I do, how to set everything up and how to do things.

Holy Honking Christ. I know I do a lot, but I didn't realize just how much it was until I had to write it all down. This is why I like documentation. It makes me feel very accomplished and useful. =) I've always had the good sense to document and try work to the Hit-By-A-Bus Rule*. But you have to actually do the work to get an idea of what should be written down. I'm so busy doing things and doing things and doing things that sometimes the documentation can lag behind by quite a bit.

So, what started out as just a one page cheat sheet, has turned into a whole Dummy's Guide To The Project manual. Everyone who has joined us mid-project has been using it and giving me feedback. Other projects have been making their own internal Dummy's Guide like mine for themselves. There shouldn't be many big brain gaps. Boss used one of my previous revisions and he said it was pretty complete even then. It'll be a good trial run for my document to just give it to the New Guy and say, "Okay, this is what you have to do; go at it." =)

* — If you're hit by a bus tomorrow, what will your team need to continue the project without you?

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