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The Matrix Revolutions

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Run around a fabricated environment, not unlike the internet, only vertical and in Katakana.

Follow the yellow brick road and talk to the giant spikey head.

Can we get any more cookie-cutter than that? I guess Andy and Larry ran out of creative steam with this trilogy.

The first thing I'd do if I hopped into a Shogo Mech, is "I once caught a fish... THIS BIG" and break into the Can-can with my squad mates. Because, really, how much training do we really need to point up at the sky in any and all random directions, yelling "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Sadly enough, I sympathize. It reminds me of a lot of my essays. I kick supreme ass at writing introductions and starting it off. But when it comes to presenting the main body and concluding, I always end up with something that you just want to make duck motions with your hand and mouth "blah-blah-blah" to.

The Matrix was amazing, both in story and in special effects. The inspiration was just phenomenal, judging by how deeply it permeated our mainstream culture. By the end of Reloaded, it was like a song stuck in your head, that you can't get rid of. Revolutions was the rest of the song that you had to sing to the end of, no matter how terrible the tune and the lyrics were, so that you could get it out of your system.

Kinda like "Louie, Louie. Me gotta go. AY-ay-ay-ay-ay." *ergh* I'm sorry.

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