The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

New LJ User Tag Functionality

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Gotta try out all the cool LJ toys. =) I read it this morning from lj_nifty and pne. <lj user="..."> will now automagically detect the type of user and display the LJ User entity accordingly. <lj comm="..."> works the same way for backward compatibility.

<lj user="bride"> : bride
<lj user="weddingplans"> : weddingplans
<lj user="timbray"> : timbray
<lj user="news"> : news
<lj user="diannaandbill"> : diannaandbill
<lj user="planetjanine"> : janinedog

<lj comm="bride"> : bride
<lj comm="weddingplans"> : weddingplans

Of course, this takes away a lot of the customizability from control freaks (like me) who must have everything just so. What if I suddenly feel like representing myself with a community icon to demonstrate that I am a harmony of the many voices inside the one? What if I want to use the "syndication" icon to make a white-glove-slapping remark about someone being a loudmouth? What if that "news" icon is just so cute that I want to use it for more than just the LJ News community? =)

In those cases, I'd just use allah_sulu's ljl33t tool to create my own LJ entity.


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