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Joe Millionaire 2

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Joe Millionaire 2: Cowboys and Euro Trash

I caught the double-header episode last night. Whenever I feel ugly and stupid, FOX will always show me that I really should appreciate what I am. I could be uglier, more stupid and on some idiot FOX reality dating show.

Same premise, same creepy butler. All the women smoke. Freaking chimneys, each and every one of them. Every time the camera turns to anyone, they're blowing a melanoma cloud.

Olinda needs to die. She's the 27yo, platinum blonde, two-faced, leather-skinned hell-demon, fashion designer from Sweden with the worst fashion sense I have ever seen and the epitome of the phrase "Euro Trash". And our cowboy David says, "I don't think she's a gold-digger..." Oh. Yeah. Olinda: "I'm gonna go for diamonds, baby. Always pick diamonds. Big f&^%$ rock. Biggest rock they got. I want that one. 2.5 million euros, baby."

All the JoeM2 reviews are talking about how nasty Olinda is, so I don't feel so bad. =) I thought it was just my personality that made her so repulsive to me because she seemed to be so well liked by so many of the other girls.

The Show Info says:

With seemingly every woman in America already in on our faux-millionaire secret, FOX had no choice but to search the globe to find the most beautiful, albeit clueless, women on the lookout for "Mr. Price-is-Right."

I would have thought news travelled a bit faster than that, especially with the advent of the internet. The really sickening thought is that they may take "Joe Millionaire 3" to Asia.

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