The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House


I went over to the Metrotown Hilton and the Holiday Inn to look at their rooms for Uncle Wallace. Shane showed me some of the available rooms and suites at the Hilton. Cindy-Anne showed me around at the Holiday Inn. The Hilton is a lot brighter and newer, but more expensive. The Holiday Inn is older, dingier, but less expensive.

We'll probably end up getting one of the --30 rooms at the Hilton. It'll be about $249+tax per night. I'll foot the bill for them. They've let us stay in their apartment in HK every time we've gone to visit, from the very first time we left China in 1977. And they've done so much for us over the years.

Uncle Wallace is my Dad's best friend of all time. I can tell how much their friendship means to Dad so I'm doing my best.


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