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Wardrobe Talk

weather: sunny
outside: 3°C
mood: unmotivated
I need to figure out what to wear for the family friends' kid's wedding this coming Sunday. I'll need to go out to the mall tonight and buy something. Ha! I just talked to my Mom, The Clothes Horse™. =D I can borrow something of hers and I won't have to spend any money. Heeheehee, my Dad says, "Yeah, take a look through her stuff. She's like a department store." =D =D =D

No pressure to actually look nice, I'm just Yo Jane Guest. But it's going to be freezing — it's FREEZING NOW at 3°C — and I don't have any not-summer wedding, guest attire.

I also have the Year-End Parties to think about. The wedding would be a good time to test-drive the clothes. I originally thought of getting a long black skirt to go with my rabbit angora sweater. I know, I know. Me wearing a skirt is completely unheard of. But I saw a girl wearing an above-the-knee length black suede skirt with calf height heeled boots and a lime green fuzzy turtleneck sweater. I'm not sure I can wear lime green, but I thought that if, one day, I became girly enough, I could try that with some other colour turtleneck.

Everyone would wonder what heavy solid object fell on my head... but that's not the point...

So, yes, I can borrow one of my Mom's skirts for the wedding, the Year-End with my company and the Year-End with </a></b></a>'s company. However, I wore the angora sweater to his company Year-End thing last year, so I'll have to think of something else this year, which shouldn't be very hard.

If half or more of the people in attendance have not seen me wear the article of clothing, it counts as brand new. And people tend to have the memory and attention span of a flea anyway. Chances are, they wouldn't remember what I wore last year. Okay, it's just my Husband who has the memory and attention span of a flea. He keeps thinking he's being so clever by saying, "Ooo, is that new? It looks nice on you." No man, I've had this shirt for years. I just haven't worn it for a week.

[Update - Sunday, November 30, 2003]

My Mom didn't have anything I could wear. I didn't see anything at the mall that I really wanted to wear enough to spend money on.

I did get two pairs of shoes at Payless Shoe Source. I now have a pair of patent leather boots that will look like non-descript black shoes when my pants cover them. They have a good 3" heel to them and I could wear them to work instead of my mules, if I wanted. The other pair is a black velvet evening dress shoe with a few rhinestones in the middle of the embroidered flowers. They're not as high as I'd like, but they're really cute and they go with my burgundy velvet dress among a lot of other clothes.

For the chapel ceremony, I wore black slacks and burgundy shirt with the new pair of heeled boots. This evening, I think I'm going to go with the burgundy velvet dress and the new black velvet shoes.

For the Year-End parties, I'm thinking of trying to find a plain black, spandex/skin-tight top and an interestingly styled or coloured pashmina/scarf/shawl to just loosely drape on top.



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Nov. 22nd, 2003 07:01 am (UTC)
So... lemme get this straight...
... are you saying that a guy shouldn't say to a girl "Hey, is that new? It looks -nice- on you! *whistle*"

... or is it that you're different from the norm...

... or it's a comment that can be said, but ONLY if the guy is more observant? :D

Will you be -organising- any Year's End/Christmas parties? Looking for tips here... not sure what can be done without a big house.

Haven't been able to comment to your posts lately. Completely unrelatable!
Nov. 22nd, 2003 10:51 am (UTC)
Re: So... lemme get this straight...
Will you be -organising- any Year's End/Christmas parties?

I don't celebrate the year end stuff really, I just go to the obligatory Work get-togethers.
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