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The Return Of The King: Cell Phone Game

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Because I'll always jump at the chance to brag about my husband... =D

I can FINALLY announce the game that userinfoHusband Guy has been busting his butt over, all summer. It's the very first one in the list on Verizon Wireless Games List and available for the Motorola T720, LG VX6000, Motorola T730.


The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

The final chapter in The Lord Of The Rings™ trilogy comes
to wireless from JAMDAT. Take characters on an adventure
that includes multiple levels and challenges.

IGN Wireless Review; GameSpot Review.

I'm so proud of him for making such a cool game and putting up with JAMDAT. He truly has the patience of a Saint. I would have turned homicidal long ago.

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