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Breaking Things

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A while ago, we were interviewing for QA contractors. In the process of having a pile of people try to convince me that they would make a good QA person, one of the things I keep hearing a lot is "I like to break things".

It's amusing. People will very carefully shift their eyebrows and rearrange their face to create this somewhat menacing look, complete with a well-practiced evil gleam in their eyes. Some will even go so far as to clench both fists and either make a small whipping motion or come just short of pounding them both simultaneously on the conference room table, presumably to show extra determination to break something.

Why on earth would people think that destructiveness is a good trait in a human being?

Quality Assurance is not [only] about breaking things... at least not in software... at least not in my shop. If you inadvertently break something that should not be broken by what you have done, then that's a problem that needs to be raised. But that really isn't the point.

My top pick was the same as my boss': the guy who didn't say he liked to break things.

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