The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Pablo de Sarasate

weather: ominously cloudy
outside: 9°C
mood: relaxed
music: Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20 (Perlman)
Oh WOW!! This is such an amazing track. It's almost making me space and stare out the window. I can't do that, I have too much work to do.

*distracted mind wandering and muttering*

How did I play violin for so long without doing much Sarasate work? Or hearing some of Zigeunerweisen at the very least?

This must be all three movements. It's one of his earlier pieces. I have to look it up on Amazon and add a few Sarasate CDs to my wishlist...

OH! And Sarah Chang! I completely forgot about her over the years too.



Okay. NO. Stop this! I have too much work to do.

Tags: classical music

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