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Reading List - Who They Are and How We Met

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*sigh* I haven't been a good friend in the last little while, but I hope I've been a decent Internet Stranger to you all =) There are a few "Friend" memes floating around that I've decided that I can roll into one.

  1. For each friend, choose your favorite icon out of their collection.
  2. For each friend, write about where you met them or how you got to know them and what made you add this person.
  3. Recommend [a] journal[s] to others.

_romanceThis is _romance's icon of Princess Grace of Monaco (I think?). I met _romance as soirdeparis last year. I can't quite remember how, possibly in either zhongwen or asam. Anyway, we got talking about regional and Chinese politics. She's been writing less in the last little while, which I hope means that real life is keeping her busy in a good way.
aliasaI think I met aliasa much the same way; methodically randomed into each other and became friends. She's doing amazingly well juggling the vagaries of her life. I really like the pretty hand-tinted butterflies in this icon.
angelicmaidenI met angelicmaiden in weddingplans. I think life has swallowed her whole too =P Miss ya, sweetie. =}
ariadne034jenny_rambles is from the weddingplans contingent as well =) I like the "bookworm" icon too, but this one is just way too sweet not to pick =)
astralastral found me in zhongwen. She doesn't use this journal, so I don't know anything about her. Well, that's not quite true, I do know a few things about her. =) She keeps threatening to add me to the journal she actually writes in =D
bdspitapit31You guessed it. bdspitapit31 is from weddingplans and she shares my appreciation for Classical Music. A lot of times when I talk about my music, I get the feeling that there are only a few in my friends list who will understand. Kristen's one of them. And, of course, I'm always going to choose the wedding pic =)
bellajellybeanbellajellybean is a cutie-patootie FriendsFriend and from weddingplans. I was trying to decide between the "cutie-patootie" pic and the pink cuffs =)
bluepaladinbluepaladin, John, must've found me through a comment in one of the official LJ communities.
bokanebokane called me a FanTi Head in zhongwen. =) FanTi is Traditional Chinese characters, in which I will conduct all Chinese communication. I won't use JianTi, the Simplified Chinese characters.
brokenclay is a syn feed of Katja's blog, so she doesn't have an icon. Katja has been a loooong time internet friend from about 1994. Which is practically a Parallel Universe, it was so long ago. =)
buttafliiI met buttaflii in lunared, a girlie fashion and beauty community.
chenpionchenpion glommed onto me somehow, I don't remember how. What is that thing?! =)
colleendHere's another weddingplans friend, colleend. She and her husband look so cute together.
compscilincompscilin came by after being tricked by his brother, sertrel, into counting from '1'. =) I would have picked the "Snooze Button Panic" icon, but the sleeping robot one looked more like what I wanted to do.
d2leddyI'm not sure how I met d2leddy, possibly from my FriendsFriends view and I randomly decided to respond to something. The "goofy smile" icon is the cutest =)
desleadeslea hangs around me to learn the Chinese swear words =D Kidding. I can't remember how we found each other, probably from a discussion in the LJ communities.
diannadinoblediannadinoble is a fellow member of the Ten-Twenty-Nineth Battalion. She has a great husband, owns a business and owns her life =)
ducksducks will soon be joining the ranks of The LJ See-Lai's =D This icon of hers always makes me smile because it makes me think of a child or some furry animal being curious, getting too close and bonking into the camera. =)
faziafazia is another looooong time internet friend. What I find fascinating about Faz is her incredibly diverse interests and I guess because she's very syncretic, like me. =) The icon is of her wedding mendhi. Just gorgeous!
fiannaI gathered up a fianna from weddingplans. I love her anime icons, but I have this thing about Yuna. =)
fimbrethilfimbrethil is an amazing woman. Being through what she's been through and still maintaining molecular cohesion through it all, is inspiring. This is not an icon that she uses regularly, but it's one that made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Typical furry critter. XD
incognitaThe first time I saw this icon of incognita's, I thought she was Wendy (a girl I volunteered with). Then I slowly realized that she wasn't Wendy. Gen is a very cut-to-the-chase, cut-the-red-tape, let's-get-the-show-on-the-road kind of person and, like me, gets a high from getting things done.
jennyburnettI think jennyburnett randomed into me... it might have been methodical randoming though.
jidabugLove this icon. =) jidabug is one of the JenniferBorg from back when the internet was first formed. I think she was Two Of Five, but I can't quite remember.
karinakarinakarinakarina showed up in my journal one day and started talking to someone else in my "Guest Post" =)
kat_box has no icons uploaded. She used to be known as Buddy-Girl-K around here, but she finally got around to getting her own journal.
katie_ahkatie_ah found me through latraviata while she was teaching in China.
katlynI met katlyn as nj_forever in weddingplans. I love those teeth. =D
kiadkiad. Rhymes with dryad. Interesting life. Cool person.

% rm -rf /bin/laden still makes me laugh.

kvanceThe Secret of Monkey Island I is one of my favorite games of all time. I probably found kvance in some geek community, that's the most likely place we'd both be lurking =)
ladyofdragonsI met ladyofdragons in linguaphiles when pne told me about an interesting question that was posted. She wanted some translation help for the EverQuest Science of War Guild website design, which eventually won =)
latraviatalatraviata popped in one day during my wedding planning days back in 2001 and we've been friends ever since. The Megaman icon is too cute =)
lovesroseslovesroses found me way back in 2001, not sure how though. I like this Down The Hatch icon =D
magicwomanmagicwoman first asked me about "The Quiet Mountain", a traditional Chinese piece played on a celtic harp that I used for the Recessional at my wedding. Susan and I share ferocious money saving tactics.
messyjessyI found messyjessy while reading my FriendsFriends and she posted about a certain brand of Butter Nut Squash soup. I found it at a local organic grocery... and I just HAD to friend her for that.
miraimirai appeared one day and gave me advice about Subaru WRXs. I remember Mai Shiranui from hanging out in the arcade with my husband whenever I wasn't in class.
missamelamissamela asked me for an LJ Invite Code. She's been writing every once in a while and when she does write, it's very interesting.
nicosiannicosian is xinit's wife whom I first met during my stint at the CRM shop where xinit and I used to work. The little dancing guy is adorable =)
nightshiftThe first time I heard from nightshift, he came by to give me car advice. He's been rather quiet lately because he's been AFK. =)
ntangntang popped in one day in 2001. I contend that Nick has the cutest kids. Until I have my own. =)
pasticciopasticcio started out as a FriendsFriend, but I don't remember who the common friend was.
pebeleI met pebele through weddingplans as well. This icon is artwork from an AD&D manual and was also made into a player card for Spellfire.
penkalpenkal is another weddingplanser from the days of yore. =) In some of her wedding pictures, she looks so much like Cynthia Nixon.
pjammerpjammer is another zhongwen or asam addition. He writes the way I want to write but I just don't have the talent that he does. Anyway, I couldn't decide if I liked the "being a Tare Panda" icon or the Baby PJammer one better.
pnepne found me from either zhongwen or a geek community.
raisinberryrainsinberry was a weddingplanser. She wore a qi-pao for her wedding.
razorwrazorw is a recent addition. I gave him the lyrics to the Cantonese Birthday Song. =)
rcantillesrcantilles is also one of the LJ See-Lai's from weddingplans who piped up once in a while in my journal. This icon of Robin peeking out from behind her shoulders always cracks me up. =D
rfreebernI added rfreebern so that I could get updates when he posts cool LJ Toys. =)
saltwatersoundI met saltwatersound either through canadianwedding or weddingplans.
sarudyyduras is another internet friend from loooooooooooooong ago.
seditionsedition is My Favorite Mike. I estimate that about 10% of all men on this planet have a common base name of 'Mike' and out of them all, this is my favorite one.
serennigserennig: the last of the LJ See-Lai's, at least last in alphabetical order.
sertrelsertrel and I got talking in zhongwen. The Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro is the best! =)
shashinI'm glad I got on shashin's Friends list before he went Friends-Only. He takes some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Maybe I'm biased because the subject matter is local to me, but he can make someone's crappy, overgrown, unkempt yard look like a cozy Hobbit home down the lane from Bilbo/Frodo's place.
shiningmoonI knew shiningmoon from way back. Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! =D Anyway, this icon must be from Uru. =)
squeechiesqueechie found me because I was the first person on his list when LJ still had the "Find Similar Users" feature. I love this pic of him; it could be the cover of his debut CD just the way it is.
struilingstruiling is another friend gathered from zhongwen.
supersatsupersat, Karl, I've seen around the lj_dev type communities. Rounding up people for the Ten-Twenty-Nineth Battalion is fun. =)
theferretttheferrett has interesting posts, I'm sure I'm the last to know this. I found him through pjammer.
thisisme9556thisisme9556, Cheryl, and I go way back to my first days on LJ. I love seeing this icon in her posts.
timbray is the syn feed of Tim Bray's blog. This is how I know of him.
toturitoturi is my Husband Guy.
trigeekgirltrigeekgirl was my Hair Twin... before I got it all chopped off. We met in weddingplans =)
twistedbunnyHA! Fooled you. I did not meet twistedbunny in weddingplans =) We met in the_reviewers. =)
ugly_boyugly_boy has a great interest in learning Chinese and I saw his enthusiasm first in zhongwen.
waitwait was one of the first ones to get married from weddingplans. She always gave some of the most practical and levelheaded advice.
wiccagoodingole is a FriendsFriend whom I found through the_reviewers.
wintersweetwintersweet is so conversant with Asian culture topics that I actually thought she was Chinese at one point.
wolvywolvy came over from weddingplans.
xinitxinit was my co-worker from the CRM Shop and the one who told me about LiveJournal to begin with. =)
yanchiyanchi appeared out of nowhere one day =)

A few notes:

Of course, these are my choices. Many are near and dear to me for reasons that may not appeal to a more varied audience. YMMV.

I didn't write a lot about some people. It doesn't mean I don't read their journal. In a lot of cases, I see a lot of Friends-Only and filtered posts, so I really don't want to be describing a whole lot. And, even if they do Friend you back, YMMV. =)


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