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Puzz 3-D Jigsaw Puzzles

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I love jigsaw puzzles, especially the Puzz 3-D ones from Wrebbit.

It started out when someone gave us the Victorian Mansion. I finished it and I was hooked. I found Kinkaku-Ji and Mont-Saint-Michel. I gobbled those up.

Neuschwanstein Castle looked like a dream — 836 pieces. My parents love European castles too and, I hadn't realized it at the time, but we actually had framed photo prints of most of the buildings I bought puzzles for. =)

I had barely started on Neuschwanstein when I talked some friends into coming over and helping me on it. They wouldn't leave. Well, I didn't want them to leave either =) We were having way too much fun, racing each other to put together the different side panels, collecting pieces of like colours, hollering "GOT ONE!" every time we found a match, just to gloat, and we said all kinds of things that were really funny taken out of context. We finished it, all yawny and bleary-eyed, at 0600h the next morning.

We did Chenonceau Castle, Camelot and Notre Dame Cathedral approximately one every month or so. We began on a Saturday afternoon and went through 'til the next morning or afternoon if we had to. We had this obsessive-compulsive need to finish it in one sitting. =)

There are tons of puzzles that I still want to do. Ie. maybe some day, when I retire and have some spare money for it.

And there are a whole bunch of small ones that look so adorable:


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