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I'm warning you now: Aaron Eckhart is in it. Don't recognize the name? He was in The Core as well. Heed this, heed this.

What is it with him always doing movies with Total Moron Physics? None of it works that way. Memory doesn't work that way. Telescopes don't work that way. Biologists... just... don't... DO THAT.

"I'm an Engineer!"; "A Reverse Engineer" ... Oh, help me. Do you laugh or cry at a line like that?

Y'know, for some reason, I didn't notice how weird Ben Affleck's face was before. I did see DareDevil. The guys tell me that I must have been too embarrassed to admit that I saw it, otherwise I would have written a review here. I honestly didn't notice how oddly crooked and lopsided Ben Affleck's face was. His two eyes are completely different sizes and sit at different angles. His chin points off to one side. His smile is schlurped off to the other side.

Aren't humans supposed to be attracted to faces and bodies that are more symmetrical? That was supposed to be why everyone squidges over Mel Gibson.

And I thought Uma Thurman was looking rather haggard.

The most fun we had throughout was figuring out where all the scenes were filmed. Ooo look, that's Waterfront Skytrain Station... and while frittering around Waterfront, it suddenly turns into Granville Station. Ooo look, they're riding around on the BMW motorcycle in that yard near the big sulfur piles on the North Shore. Ooo look, they're high speed chasing the motorcycle up 6th Ave., down 7th Ave. just north east of Cambie and Broadway. All of a sudden, they're between Burrard and Granville along the railroad tracks.

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