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Anita Mui: In Memoriam

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... Anita Mui, 梅艷芳, died of lung failure that was caused by cervical cancer in a Hong Kong hospital at 2:50a.m. on Tuesday.

She was another celebrity name I grew up with, along with Leslie Cheung. I didn't like her at first. Dubbing her the Madonna of Asia was right on, I hated Madonna back then too. Anita acted cocky. I didn't like her costumes. I didn't like her makeup. I didn't like her songs, it was something in the timbre of her voice that took me a long time to get used to. There were only a few songs of hers that I liked.

Like Madonna, her image calmed down and straightened out after a phase of punkiness. Unlike Madonna, I began to see her acting and singing talent. The series I remember the most was the romantic drama 香江花月夜 opposite Michael Miu 苗僑偉.

I loved her comedic abilities. She was hilarious whenever she did fun stuff, especially alongside Jackie Chan. I think the only role I can point to that everyone would know is Elaine, the harried grocery store owner, in Rumble in the Bronx.

望著海一片滿懷倦, 無淚也無言
望著天一片, 只感到情懷亂
遠景不見, 但仍向著前

誰在命裡主牢我, 每天掙扎, 人海裡面
心中感嘆, 似水流年
留下只有思念, 一串串永遠纏

浩瀚煙波裡我懷念, 懷念往年
外貌早改變, 處境都變, 情懷未變


Anita 梅艷芳, 1963 - 2003
Tags: reminiscence

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