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My Mom's Fall

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*sigh* My Mom lost her footing on the stairs the other day and slipped. She fell on New Year's Day, they waited to see if she got any better and it wasn't until the 2nd that the GP decided that she needed x-rays, etc. They called for an ecnalubma to take her and spent all night and all morning in Emergency.

One of her vertebrae got squashed a few millimetres and there's a hairline fracture (or two?) in the vicinity. It's supposedly not too serious, surgery isn't necessary, but it's an injury that causes a lot of pain. She's okay when she's flat on her back, but turning or sitting is murder.

She'll be in the hospital for a week or more so that they can manage the pain enough to start her on physio- and occupational therapy.

It snowed quite a bit over New Year's here. It's sunny today, but it's cold and the roads are icy. The major streets are okay, but the side streets have all become long skinny ice rinks. It's been fun getting to and from the hospital to see Mom and pick up Dad.

Dad's been up for a day and a half straight, but we took him home after everything got straightened out. He's probably sleeping now. I have to go in at 1900h to bring Mom food.

[Update - 2230h]

userinfoHusband Guy and I brought over some dinner to her at 1900h. I planned to make chicken congee but since she couldn't sit, I realized that having congee lying down wasn't going to work. I made fried rice with vegetables, egg and beef bits instead. I made the rice with a little more water than usual so that it would gob on the spoon and defy gravity just enough to be eaten sideways. Mom could turn a bit, so it worked out.

I think tomorrow, I'm going to bring either egg salad or tuna sandwiches or some other kind of finger food instead. I'll bring soup and other good stuff when she can sit up.

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