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Table Centre Pieces

I had a very interesting conversation with Mel and Karry over in the weddingplans community.

The idea being that I'd have goldfish in glass goblets (just cheapo wine glasses from a dollar store) on each of the tables and at the end of the evening, whoever wants to take it, may do so.

HOWEVER. I want the gold/orange fantails. They look like betas, but they're golden orange with longer, more delicate tails. I can't stand the pudgie fat ones with what looks like a sack of tumours on their foreheads. I can't stand the ones with the eyes that face upwards. Koi are beautiful too, but they require a lot of attention, maintenance and food.

And I know the wine glasses can get knocked over.

And people might consider it inhumane to keep the fish in "substandard" conditions. I, personally, am not particularly an animal person. Animals are animals. I'm also the type that doesn't see what's wrong with cricket fights (aside from the gambling).


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