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razorw asked me what Feeds I read. =)

Peoples' personal blogs that I've added to my Read Friend filters:

  • timbrayTim Bray's blog, this is how I know him.
  • brokenclayKatja's blog. She's a Mom, she's a geek and she's made me realize just how much I take my mobility for granted.
  • xinitsblogxinit has largely moved his blog from LJ to ... (is it Greymatter?) some other blogging thing that you can host on your own server anyway. And I wanted to keep up with him.
  • fusion_reactionfazia's blog. She posts some of the most interesting stuff =)

Things that I've added to my LJSynFeeds filter:

  • snopes_dot_comEveryone should add this one. Don't forward shit to anyone until you've checked it out with Snopes.Com and even then, give it a few days and check again. Or, here's a Novel Idea™: VERIFY a few simple things for yourself first before passing it on. >={
  • thinkgeek — How could you possibly not know I keep up with ThinkGeek?!! =D
  • ljwin32_sema — Semagic client updates. It's an LJ community, but I had to add it to my SynFeeds because there's only a post every once in a while and the entries get buried, even in my "not so active communities" read filter.
  • foxtrot_feed — Bill Amend is fantasmically funny.
  • wizard_of_id — Dorky humour =)
  • dailygarfield — More dorky humour.
  • snoopy_feed — Dorky humour, the Prequel.
  • roseisrose_feed — Maharaja Peekaboo is just too cute.

Things that you would have pegged me to read, that I don't:

  • apod — As fascinated as I am in NASA, the Space Program and everything, I find that there are only pics once in a while that wow me. And it was starting to drive me bugnuts* that they keep reposting entries to fix minor spelling mistakes. I understand that this is NASA and their public image is intensely important to them. But every single week there would be at least a few duplicates. The images are a fair size, so once is cool, but twice or thrice is annoying. I'd much rather read Shuttle Mission Specs anyway.
  • calnhobbes — I would read this feed if it were just Hobbes, minus Calvin. I love Hobbes. I can't stand Calvin.
  • dilbert_feed — Even though I've worked at an organization exactly like that and I'd probably be able to identify with most of the jokes, I somehow don't like reading Dilbert. It's like looking at those Despair things. "The stohry has greuwn tieh-some."
  • pennyarcaderss — I had added this once, a while back, but I found the humour too inconsistent to keep. I found myself skipping it more often than not.
  • dorktowerfeed — Same as Penny Arcade.
  • theonionfeed — </a></b></a> filters out the Really Funny™ ones for me, so I read the crème de la crème anyway. There's no point in me adding this one.
  • nonsquitor_feed — Had this one some time ago. I keep adding it when I see a really hilarious or clever one and then disappointed in all the blah ones after it, wondering when there will be a funny one again.
  • dictionary_wotd — Dictionary.Com words are stupid. None of them are very interesting. Almost every day, I'm thinking, "who the hell doesn't know what that means?"
  • wilwheaton — I used to read wilwheaton. I love the guy, I respect him a lot. But he's one of those people that I'd just like to kibbitz in on, once in a while.
  • leaky_cauldron — After Order of the Phoenix, my interest in Harry Potter has waned quite a bit. I'll still read the books and go see the movies for the dissing rights *smirk*, but that's it.
  • fbofw_feed — Too much of a soap for me.
* — "bugnuts", brought to you by fimbrethil =)

Comics I would read if they were available:

  • Overboard
  • Sally Forth
  • Mutts
  • Betty
  • roseisrose_feed! Thank you, astral!!
    Edit: Rose is Rose — The cat is Maharaja Peekaboo, thanks kat_box! =)
    Orig: Maharaja Kitty — I _thought_ it was called "Maharaja Kitty", but I can't find it. I guess that was just the family cat's name and the comic was called something completely different. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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