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CSS3 - Multicolumn Layout

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Multicolumn Layout — CSS3

You go:

.my3cols {
   width: 100%;
   column-count: 3;
   column-gap: 10px;
   column-rule: none;

Then <div class="my3cols"> [Lorem Ipsum] </div>

All the Lorem Ipsum will be auto-flowed into columnar output, like this:

----- ----- -----
----- ----- -----
----- ----- -----
----- ----- -----
----- ----- -----
----- ----- -----
----- ----- -----

However, the CSS WG Status Table says:

Multi-column layout in CSS proposes new properties to create flexible column
layouts. It may eventually be integrated into some module, or it may not.


It's still in the second working draft. Given the reality of how long it's taken to get
even CSS1 part of the browsers, support for multi-column layout is a long way out.

          — Craig Saila

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