The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Got a few little things done...

We picked up Fiance Guy's ring. Yay!

*sigh* It took me long enough, but I finally drove the extra flowers out to B's house.

The grand summary of my Wedding Flower adventure is as follows:

I used silk flowers. Enough people had allergies that I wasn't going to risk real flowers. I also have allergies, so I've never been a flower person either.

I spent $409.61 for silk roses and various silk flowers, bouquet handles, glue, ribbon, ivy, fern, leaves, pearl sprays, floral tape, brooch pins, large corsage pins, and all other materials.

Bernice, a good friend of mine, made all of it by hand. We sat on her dining room floor for countless hours designing each piece individually... well, it mostly consisted of her designing them and me giving input. =)

I had:

  • a cascading bouquet (the size of a basketball with a tail that ended just above my knee)
  • 2 bridesmaid's bouquets (slightly smaller, with no tail)
  • a flower girl's basket
  • a throw-away bouquet for the bouquet toss

60 corsages and boutonnieres in total ranging in complexity. Mine (1 large, 2 medium roses, 3 buds, baby's breath and pearl sprays); simpler ones for my two maids and a diminuitive one for the flower girl (in a Chinese wedding, the bride's entourage wears corsages for the banquet); different, but more intricate designs for the two mothers and Grandmothers; simpler still for the Aunts on both sides; even simpler ones for cousins on both sides; and "masculine" versions for all the boutonnieres.

Included in that 60 are about 5 corsages and boutonierres for non-family members who were helping out. We wanted something to distinguish them so that the vendors and other guests knew they could ask quasi-detail-like questions of them.

The tradition in Taiwan is the groom's family wears red flowers and the bride's family wears pink flowers. The Grandmothers' were the same as the two mothers' and Grandfather's was the same as the fathers', except the Grandparents had wine red velvet roses with gold glitter on the edge of the petals (they jumped off the shelf and tackled me at the craft store, I swear =)

Friends who were assisting had pale yellow corsages and boutonierres.


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