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The Thailand Fund

Okay, so calling it the "Thailand-Ho!" Fund causes Tania way too much glee =) =) =) Well, at least I made her laugh =)

Richard and Tania are getting married early June. Instead of giving them something they neither need nor want, Will and I will be contributing towards their trip to Thailand and other places in Asia/Southeast Asia.

I couldn't contribute to The Thailand Fund today because the bank branch closest to my office is not a full-service branch. It's just a commercial storefront with a bunch of ATM machines and a guy sitting purposefully behind what looks like a service desk, complete with a phone headset and a computer. His sole purpose, as far as I can tell, is to sit there and tell anyone who asks, that he is sorry, he cannot do anything for them.

The pisser of it is the branch closest to me at home closes at 3:30pm.

What IS it with banks closing at 3:30?!?!?!

This is why I insist on getting Online Banking. I wonder if there's a way for me to do an online transfer to another person's account...

I may break down and just put a cheque in a wedding card for them.

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