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My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé

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The current Torture Stupid People™ amusement is My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé. toturi and I were just laughing ourselves something painful last night.

Am I the only one who thinks Steve was kinda cute? Of course, I'm remembering the part where he's standing still, just smiling at Randi. And it's these sweet moments that make me less sympathetic to Randi.

I guess when you're caught up in it like Randi is, you're focussed on the surface things and you don't see the inconsistencies in his behaviour.

He's actually quite respectful of her. He respected her physical space and gave her quite a wide berth. Even when he was gawking at her, he did it from across the kitchen counter. On camera, I don't think I saw him actually touch her for an extended amount of time. I'm sure it's for legal reasons. I imagine Fox could get sued if they let Steve, say, sling her over his shoulder and spin around 50 times really fast, making her puke.

Steve also never once insulted her (in character), insulted the hostess or anyone else, as I would expect someone who was truly obnoxious, to do. He never once put Randi down or got pissy at her for being such a tight ass. He never once told her what to do, like she did [seemingly] constantly ("you can't be like that"; "you're not doing that in front of my family"). He may have said, "aw, c'mon, lighten up" or something to that effect, but generally, he was just being a happy boy.

Randi's way too uptight about it. Honestly, I don't think Steve was bad enough to warrant tears. But it's her $500K on the line. =)

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