The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Playing with Orkut

weather: mostly cloudy
outside: 6°C
mood: amused
I've been noodling around with the Orkut Social Network thing-a-doo. It's like Friendster. I didn't do much with that either, I only created myself a Friendster account to help critique pjammer's profile. =D

And I don't expect much from Orkut either. I don't plan to invite anyone, I don't plan to "grow my network". If people I know find me and friend me, I'll most likely friend back. But Orkut's whole social network paradigm is so highschool, that it's ridiculous anyway. It's like LiveJournal with Invite Codes and an architecture that supports and encourages Friends List Drama.

And I'm not playing the way I'm supposed to.

Example: there are icons you're supposed to click to "rate your friends" in terms of how trustworthy, cool, sexy they are and one to mark the fact that you're a "fan" of theirs. You click on the number of smilies, ice cubes, hearts you think they should get and the star for "fan". When you click on them they toggle into the coloured icon instead of being the monochrome icon (it doesn't immediately toggle in Mozilla though =P).

I clicked on the maximum for all my Orkut friends (all both of them XD) so that it would look prettier on my screen. =D


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