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Annual Job Offer

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I got a call on Friday on my cell. A few ex-co-workers had dug up my number. These are ex-co-workers that I love dearly, so I don't mind. I'm not sure why they didn't e-mail me, but we had a fun chat on the speaker phone in one of their offices =)

All kinds of funny stuff came up in the conversation. That I haven't forked a child process yet; that one of the guys got back together with his wife after a short separation (YAY!) and all his lil'uns are doing well; shortly after I left, they stopped going out to the local bar/lounge every Friday evening.

They had a hilarious story for me: there's an employee, a Chinese guy, there with a name very similar to mine. And when they abbreviate it for his e-mail address, it's even closer to my name. Every time he sends out e-mail to the group, they all do a collective double-take. There's another Chinese guy who started just about the time I left who has all kinds of Hello Kitty and Sanrio toys in his cubicle.

"It takes two men to replace you". BWAHAHA!! XD One for my namesake, one for the Hello Kitty stuff and (quite literally, I'm told) both to do my work. =D

But the reason they called was to offer me a job. Again. They do this about once or twice a year.

When I left, a lot of people were quitting from ex-Work. Then one by one, they were all rehired for one reason or another. I'm the only one in our group that hasn't gone back yet. There was even a $3,000 referral bonus at one point and they wanted me to go back as an Engineering Lead. They were planning my Welcome Back Party with the money =}

I felt so badly for disappointing them, but I couldn't bring myself to go back. It was a good thing I didn't though, because they had two rounds of layoffs shortly after that. But they seemed to want to persevere and bring me back.

Anyway, as flattered as I am that they thought of me first, I couldn't take it this time around either. My end of the phone conversation went something like, "No, no! No flying leaps! No cliffs! Just tell Department Boss that I respectfully decline." =D Crazy guys.

I need to drive out there and have a drink with them, just for old time's sake.


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