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Flashback: First Job @ Ex-Work

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OMG! Look what I found in an obscure corner of my harddrive! =D

July 30, 1999:

Work has been going really well these last few weeks. Since I've been shuffled into the Utilities Implementation Engineering Group, I've been learning a lot, doing a lot and discovering that some of the other engineers (the ones previously trained as Customer Service Engineers) aren't capable of doing some of the things I am even though they've been with the company a lot longer than I have.

On my third day, they had me cleaning up core system schemas.

By my first week, I had found and fixed issues that got past Development and testing(!).

By my second week, I could recognize configuration files upside down, literally. I went to talk to a teamlead and I was standing opposite his cube desk. He was pouring over a print-out. It was facing him and upside down to me. I said, "that's the config schema file for XYZ, isn't it?" He was impressed.

In my third week, I was scared shitless when they asked me to fix stuff in Visual Basic. I told them I had never seen Visual Basic in my life. After I was finished, they called me a liar. =)

By the end of my first month, people started asking me questions instead of the other way around.

I'm getting along really well with my co-workers. I'm one of two girls in a group of 35 (25 fulltimers + 10 Co-ops) — there's one girl co-op but she's leaving at the end of August =( Anyway, the biggest ego-boo was when overheard my boss tell my Grand-Boss and Great-Grand-Boss that I was "one of the guys". =D =D =D

[Husband Guy] has been super-busy. Hasbro's "Chutes & Ladders" went Gold Master on July 15th. The very second they finished, he started working on Hasbro's "Tonka Construction II" that was already in the middle of development. He doesn't come home before 11pm on any given day. On weekends, the both of us are more than likely at work.

But we're happy at the moment. Both our careers are taking off. =)

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