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What's in a Face?

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My comment in serennig's journal that I'll bonsai here:

So, yes, I tried the Physical Attraction test. Neither heads nor tails be, on that one. I don't have the visual squidge hormones.

I don't care about people's faces and I can't even really distinguish them until I've talked to someone for a while. People tend to become more attractive to me after I know them better. This was exactly the case with my Husband and countless others. In my IRC days, a lot of us traded pics when we first met. I kept a lot of the pics and when I looked back at them after a long stretch of time, without fail, the ones I talked to regularly jumped out at me*.

I have trouble recognizing celebrities in person exactly for that reason. I used to be a huge David Duchovny fan and I still didn't see him walk right past me.

And the folks also morphed and doctored a lot of those images which made it impossible. At one point, it was obvious they wanted me to pick between glasses vs. no glasses. "Gah, I don't care!" I says =)

* — As an interesting aside, I'm much better at remembering names than faces. I find that faces change, but names generally do not. =)

If I've had a solid 10-15 minute individual conversation with you, I won't likely ever forget your name in my life (unless I was never told to begin with). I've recognized people from pre-Kindergarten onwards on the street from time to time.

And I also have a better time remembering last names than first names. So, if you and I ever meet in person and I address you as "Mr. So&so" or "Ms Such&such", please realize that I'm not being smarmy or obsequious. I'd rather be a little too polite than ask you for your name again =)

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