The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Just for kicks...

I pulled up my userinfo:

User: bride (54508)  
Name: The Bride 
Website: My Wedding Site 
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada 
Birthdate: 10-29 
Interests: classical music, coffee, cuddling, drinking, friends,
           internet, kissing, laughing, livejournal, love, mp3s,
           poetry, romance, star trek, sushi, tea, thinking, web
           design, weddings, women, writing
Friends: 8: bradfitz, chelle, latraviata, lj_maintenance,
            nicosian, piyomomo, webbitch, xinit
Friend of: 6: bradfitz, chelle, latraviata,
              piyomomo, webbitch, xinit
Member of: 3: composing, vancouver, weddingplans
Account type: Free Account 
Date created: 2001-02-08 12:19:38 
Date updated: 2001-05-20 11:42:43, 6 minutes ago 
Clients used: Win32-MFC: 1.4.6 
Journal entries: 163 
Comments: Posted: 46, Received: 18 
Shared Journal Access: bride can post to vancouver
                       bride can post to composing
                       bride can post to weddingplans
163 entries in 8 months. I created this journal in February, but some of my entries date back to October '2000.

*sigh* I may get a paid account after the wedding when I can afford it.

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