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Paper Towel Dispenser Wisdom

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Our washrooms at work have Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispensers. I'm posting this here in case any of you have lovely Kimberly-Clark-ness issues as well.


Washroom Paper Towel Dispenser Commandment: PULL SLOWLY.

If you pull too fast, it gains too much momentum on the back swing and the paper snaps back up into the case, thereby getting stuck.

And in certain states of stuck-ness, the manual advance (purple rolly thing on the side) won't work anymore either.

Thank you. =)

— The Lord-High Warrior Nerd Queen of Paper Towel Dispenser Physics.

Lately, the paper had been getting stuck more and more often. When it gets stuck, we have to go all the way to the kitchen, scanning our security passes and opening doors with dripping wet hands to use the paper towel in there. And it can't get fixed until our Custodian Guy comes in with the key for it. Raoul comes in every second day. *sigh*

The stupid thing is that the instructions printed on the dispenser say "PULL FIRMLY WITH BOTH HANDS". I guess that makes people think that it should be yanked faster so that the paper rips properly.

Hee, and it turns out the men's washroom dispenser is eternally stuck as well, so I got a bunch of e-mails saying, "Wow, that's why it never works in the mens' washroom! We could never figure it out."


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