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Pool and Beer Farewell Get-Together

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Yesterday was my Kinda-Sorta-Boss-ish-like Person's last day at Work. He resigned to take on a new position at a new company. I'm sad that he's leaving, he was a great boss. But I'm pretty optimistic about the person who's taking his place.

I spent the evening drinking, playing pool, chatting and laughing with co-workers.

We went to a new billiards place that opened just a block away from Work. I LOVE watching Snooker (*drool* Stephen Hendry *drooldrool*) and we used to have a Snooker table, so I know how to randomly poke stuff around. But I haven't played since and I've never played pool. Apparently, I look like I know what I'm doing and I guess when your first shot of the evening is to slam one nearly sideways into the corner pocket, people think you're awesome =D But no. The truth is, I completely missed the ball I was aiming for, but I hit the cue ball really hard, so the one it did hit went flying into the corner pocket and it looked like such a fantastic shot. I really can't sink a ball to save my life.

I did get better as I started playing. I need to work on not looking so shocked when I sink one because, y'know, the shocked look doesn't go well with the buffing the nails on the lapel. Maybe astonishment from sinking two at the same time might still be okay, but I should really play it cool with one. =)

Now I wish we had our Snooker table back. It was a gigantic green felt table that converts into a ping-pong table. It was in fantastic shape. We gave it away to the Husband's Best Man. I knew we'd regret it occasionally, but it was taking up space that we desparately needed and we weren't playing a lot. It was going to a good home and we knew it would be well loved and taken care of.

*          *          *

Jeez, my alcohol tolerance has gone to shit. I only had a beer and a half last night (a pale ale and a Princess Beer, see below) and I started feeling it. I'm such a lightweight now, it's embarassing. Usually, it takes at least three or four beers. Ah well, I had an early lunch, I knew I'd be driving later and I wasn't really in a drinking mood at all.

A co-worker mixed orange juice and pale ale in equal parts. I didn't catch the name for it*. It's not quite a Shandy, not quite a Mimosa, definitely not Red Beer (tomato juice?! O_O) and I think it tastes too good to be called a Redneck Mimosa =) I really liked it. Apparently, they do that in Europe all the time. Here, the bartender looks at you funny. =)

Yay for Princess Beers =D

It's evenings like this that remind me that human contact is nice.

* — I asked. It's called a "Rädler". =)


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