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I wrote this up and was going to post it back in January. By the time I finished compiling it all into a journal entry, I thought it was too dorky to share. I'm glad I didn't delete it because now I need it for a Zilla bug in Zilla =)

All typos in the bug descriptions are sicut erat in principio. My inline comments in italics.

I have this fascination with the concept of time, time zones, time paradoxes, relativity, etc.

895 - Make LiveJournal Intelligently Support Timezones
205 - Comment posting time is displayed in a strange timezone
1225 - Standardize timezones displayed on comments

I think 205 and 1225 could be duplicates, but they're ever so slightly different issues. In any case, time zones are not being handled at all right now.

Community Admin-related Issues:

543 - Maintainer control of comment optionality (comms).
712 - Community moderator/admin-induced lj-cuts. [For all those times that someone posts a huge URL or image or a gigantic blob of off-topic-ness.]
844 - Let community admins freeze threads (e.g. "Off-Topic flag"). [To cut it off so they're not encouraged by getting responses to an off-topic thread.]
893 - Add 'maintainers' and 'moderators' to community user info page
1241 - Commment throttling prevents identical replies to different comments. [We respond en masse to the Wedding Dates List requests. I'm not sure what they can do about this though because Reply To All can be a legitimate action as well as an easy way to spam. The workaround is to change the default icon when responding.]

Yeah, REALLY! These just SO need to be done.

264 - Screened comments shouldn't be emailed to others until after unscreened by owner
285 - Tool to make existing entries Friends-Only
290 - Site should never silently "eat" data or provide error with no opportunity for correction
330 - Recycling Purged Usernames
331 - Bring back birthday reminders [*sigh* Don't hold your breath.]
929 - Add field for non-LJ users to say who they are | Guest Comments [This is already on the goathack test server, I've seen it.]
941 - Complete todo list support ['Twould be nice, but this is a much lower priority.]
1505 - Honor cuts in emailed post reply notifications

Miscellaneous passing interest:

172 - No search results when sorting directory results by username
188 - Underscores in usernames can cause errors. [I thought this was fixed...]
337 - Mail me a copy of my comments, too [this has since been done]
339 - It would be nice if "Friend of" was also clickable
524 - Add "no more comments" option to posts
622 - S1 - S2 settings conversion tool [this probably won't happen]
797 - Add "not in any selected group" to editfriends.bml
1484 - Friendsfriends cannot be filtered by ?show parameter

And the one Suggestion that I wish they would get going on VERY SOON is the LJ Killfile. asciident has it on her migrate list already.

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