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I heard this earlier in the week, but I feel so badly for the US Secretary of the Interior because of Jessica Simpson's moron comment: quote "You've done a nice job decorating the White House."

I feel like asking Gale Norton a better question just to make up for it, but then I realized that I'm an idiot on environment issues too. So, I'm thinking that my mouth needs to stay way shut as well.

The thing is, I am faced with having to choose stock for my retirement portfolio. The advice I'm getting is to have some natural resources in the mix, which makes sense. But I'm afraid of supporting a company that is environmentally unfriendly. I don't know the right questions to ask to make sure these guys are not messing up salmon spawning grounds or the migration paths of cariboo and other big smelly animals.

Right now, I'm just e-mailing the Investor Relations address at the company's website asking about it but obviously they're just going to tell me good things. Well, yes, of course they have to adhere to the by-laws and policies that the government environment agency has for that region. I also know they are partnered with an engineering firm that specializes in environmental issues consulting for natural resource companies.

But is that enough? Do I feel better about it? Bleh, I dunno...


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