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More Free Food

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There's a new restaurant moving into our building directly below us. They've been renovating for the past few months now. The construction workers have been tracking dust into the area that was bad enough to almost get my Asthma going and a few co-workers had to work from home when it got really bad. It was equally as nasty when they started painting.

They commandeered the men's washroom on our floor for a while because some doomer-hickey-or-other had to be installed and it had to go in just behind a wall of the men's washroom.

The sawing, hammering, drilling and other general construction-like noises continued for the longest time.

Then they interviewed/auditioned for new staff. Yes, it's a lot of fun to have a herd of 20-30 High Maintenance Collagen Fish Face Cows™ lounging around waiting, fixing their hair/makeup/clothes in the lobby, blocking off the stairway, SO THAT I CAN'T GET TO WORK, every day for several weeks straight.

They just gave each of us a $25 [conditional] gift certificates. Yay! More Zero-Expenditure Dates for </a></b></a> and me =)

[My Free Food Bookkeeping]

  • $20 - Death By Chocolate (expires March 31, 2004)
  • $40 - Restaurant #1 (expires next year)
  • $25 - Restaurant #2 (expires next year)
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