The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Done, done, and done...

I bought the Unity Candle. It's handmade by a lady here in Vancouver. She peels it like a banana in six places around the candle, evenly spaced, then curls and twists those peels together to form beautiful 'S' scrolls and ribbon-like drapings. The tapers are simpler, but done in the same style. Each candle she makes is different, she doesn't do the same design twice.

I ordered the favour tags. I'm not sure how much it will be because I asked for an extra line of Chinese. Their samples only show 2 lines of English, but I know they can print Chinese and I know they can print up to 4 lines on the tags. I left a sample of what I want with Mary and I'm waiting to hear from her on Monday to see what they say.

I picked up the pew bows from Aksel. I had two large ones for the head pews and 12 small ones for the rest. I noticed right away that the two large ones didn't look the same, one of them had 2 less loops than the other one. Aksel tried to fix it right there but it didn't look right. He said he'd re-do it for me.

W and I went to see Rev. Miles again today to iron out a few more things.


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