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Unknowingly Doing Horrible Things

Did I mention that I've made a Christian minister perform an [essentially] Utilitarian wedding service? *sigh* I grew up agnostic, so it didn't sink in as to just what a terrible thing I'd done until Will explained it to me for the second time last night.

Not understanding the Who's Who and What's What of the religious arena, I didn't understand why our proposed ceremony was such a problem. Having never been married before(!!), I had no idea who's responsibility it was for coming up with the ceremonies that people do. From my Internet searches, it sounded to me like a lot of people were making up their own. So, I merrily went about looking for the one I liked best. I didn't know different religious denominations had different attitudes towards the ceremony procedures as well ... that just didn't occur to me.

From the weddings that I'd been to and from the countless A&E's "Wedding Story" episodes I've seen, I thought the one we proposed was pretty run-of-the-mill. Apparently, Rev. Miles thought it was "too romanticized" and "over the top".

I thought that the worst that could happen was that the proposed ceremony would get completely tossed and we'd have to go with the church's standard one. I was okay with that. I presume that people have been married for thousands of years by that ceremony, so it can't be that bad... a little dogmatic, maybe, but all in good spirit.

In the end, it couldn't have been as bad as he made it out to sound, because we are still using most of our proposed ceremony with a few minor changes, some scripture readings and mention of The Creator.


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