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Years ago, a bunch of friends of mine would make a short film every year. They got together and wrote the script over the Christmas holidays and did principal photography every Reading Break (one week in early March). We got talking about it one winter and the following spring, I wound up being cast as the lead.

It was about a young woman, Mercedes. They gave her the most obnoxious name on the face of the planet just to underscore her yuppiness and drive (get it? drive? *znorfle* oh, jeez...). I was never too sure what she did, but I think she was an Investment Manager or something like that. She was newly promoted to a Senior Manager and faxed something to the wrong company with an incredibly similar name.

Mercedes was canned on the spot and spent the rest of the film trying to contact her yuppy boyfriend, Carleton. Phoned him, left messages on his cell, fought his robotic assistant to put her through to his office, home. Could not get ahold of him. And even when she had him on the phone, they'd get interrupted by the Call Waiting which lead to a 3-line chat with Carleton's clueless moron friend that Mercedes hates. Mercedes was stuck in a conversational "Vacation Slides". When that was done with, she couldn't get a word in edgewise as Carleton bulls her over with trivial nonsense.

In this day and age of communication technology, people still can't "connect". And in Mercedes and Carleton's case, it goes deeper than that. They weren't connecting on a personal level. No amount of technology could help them and they break up at the end.

I maintain that Mercedes was innocent. There's one scene where she's getting chewed out by her boss and she was stopped just before she replays a voice mail message from him with the fax request.

I maintain that his voice mail would reveal that he's the one who gave her the wrong name. I fantasize that Mercedes sues the underpants off of The Firm for wrongful dismissal, receives a sizeable settlement, retires at just under 30, travels and devotes her time to her longtime hobby of singing Italian Opera. She truly gets the opportunity to stop and smell the roses. But only for a short while before getting dragged back into the Investments fray by an old kingpin who recognizes her talent and meets a wonderful young man with a lot more acting ability than Carleton. =D


BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD =D =D I just told Warren, the Producer of "Disconnected", about that. He loves my epilogue and we started talking about doing a sequel — "Connections". =D =D

I can't believe this. My brain just dumped out two+ scenes' worth of Mercedes' meeting with The Old KingPin CEO.


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