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Weird Question

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If you're bored, could I pick your brain for a sec?

Overall, how similar or different am I from other girls/women you know or have interacted with?

Elaborating would be great (ie. in what way am I similar or different?), but I'm just looking for a rough idea, "very", "somewhat", "not at all" kind of thing. Even if you say that I'm no different than anyone else and I don't stand out at all.

I'm not looking for criticism per se (although, feel free if you'd like =). I'm looking for "how do I compare" with other women you have known/interacted with, whether it's a good trait or a bad trait. It could be the way I speak, the way I dress, the way I act, idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, nervous ticks, personality, attitudes, beliefs, anything you know/perceive about me or just me on the whole.

Don't worry about "not knowing me very well", I will weigh each response against how well we know each other. It could be interesting to correlate what people say versus how well they know me.

Random strangers and regular strangers are welcome to respond too, either here or e-mail me (bride at livejournal dot com) if you like. All comments are screened. =)

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An unprompted observation from a friend/internet stranger piqued my interest. In general, life's events seem to turn out differently for me and I wasn't sure if that was because it's actually because I experience different events or if it's because I react differently to the same events. I've consciously known for a while that I was "different" from other girls/women my age (or any age for that matter), but I've never really explicitly tried to find out.

I tried this question with someone the other evening and found the answer pretty interesting. I may compile results for a later post.

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