The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Writing Thank-You's

W and I started writing some of the Thank-You's last night. Mostly to Rev. Miles and the church staff. We're going to get one card for the church in general (one that they could pin up on a bulletin board if they wanted to) and individual ones for each staff member who did stuff. We'll have B, or someone hand deliver them as soon as the ceremony is over. I guess it was just so that I could feel a bit better for the utter disrespect I've shown... ={

Then we started writing Aksel and Mary's thank-you. Yes, wedding retail is their business, I've been to the store countless times, I've spent over $5 hillion-jillion dollars there already, but they've been very nice to me, they've given me discounts wherever they could (even when it didn't quite qualify for the discount), etc.

I'll start writing the Wedding Party's, Bernice & Gary's, Kat's... and then I'll start with the Guests who have already given us gifts.

I have to get together with Dad to compose a Chinese one for the Chinese guests as well as Bailey, Andy, Chris (videography) and Johnny, Anna (photography).


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