The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Booked the Rehearsal

Booked it with the Amazing Gwen. She says it's usually an hour.

Things we need to bring:

  • Unity Candle (not sure if it'll fit in their freezer though...)
  • rings & ring pillow
  • Michelle's basket
  • one or two pew bows to try
People who should attend:
  • W, me, Clarence, Bowen, Mark, Mabel
  • Jack & Ivy, Ken & Beverley, S
  • Michelle, Alexander, Aunt Diana
  • Bernice & Gary (Team Rocket[tm])
  • Tim (Sound Guy[tm])
Dinner afterwards - everyone who goes to the rehearsal should be invited to the dinner afterwards if we have a dinner afterwards (we don't have to). It's just going to be an informal dinner. We just have to decide where and make reservations for ~7:30pm.

If Michelle's scared to walk down the aisle by herself, she could walk hand-in-hand with her brother, Alexander. This only gives Alexander one hand to hold the ring pillow with though... it should be okay because the pillow has a strap at the back. We'll have to try different things.

Rough idea for the Processional:
  • Jack & Ivy
  • Mom & Brother Boy
  • Michelle & Alexander
  • Mabel
  • Bowen
  • Dad & me
We'll ask Gwen how they usually do it.

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